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I believe the world is our playground and should be lived and explored, loved and respected! My name is Karo Krassel. I’m a Photographer / Explorer / Creative Mastermind / Surfer and a lover of life. I live my passions and am inspired by life and nature.


I like capturing the true essence of energy and feeling in that one special moment. Whether it’s shooting surfing, other actions or surrounded lifestyle, nature or photographing people and situations. I’m drawn to stories, personalities and emotions. I hope to reflect a sense of happiness and freedom in the eye of the person viewing my art.


What else?

I’m multi-passionate and I enjoy the freedom to express all parts of myself. Exploring and living the different facets fuel my energy and inspiration. Learn what else I’m passionate about

Visual Branding for passionate small business owners

Visual Branding

juicy blue is my creative studio specialized in filling brands with love and lifeI support you in making your dream/vision come to life. Soul-centered visual branding through brand development, design & photography for visionary entrepreneurs & start ups.


Handprinted Products

made with love in Portugal
I hand-screenprint on Bio-Cotton Products like Shirts and Bags, as well as on other materials like Felt and Wood. Using other printing techniques creates a sense of uniqueness: Photo-Transfers on Wood, Linocut Prints of my Drawings for Postcards,…


Stories & Pics

Mood of the day – Lettering Project

January 3, 2018
I've started lettering every day a quote/word/sayings/thoughts which fit to my mood of that day. I'm trying out different techniques, different lettering styles and adding drawings. I really enjoy doing it. Some of the days I get to the final design direct, on others I need quit a lot of

Alentejo Big Wave Chasers

October 25, 2017
In times when the big swells are hitting the coast of Portugal and everybody is talking about Nazaré, there are few surfers all excited in a small town called Porto Covo (Alenteijo). The place is still quit unknown for it’s Big Wave Riding but the local guys and friends are out there every time

Cornwall with Mooana

October 18, 2017
Incredibly green and beautiful landscapes, grey skies with glimpses of smiles by the sun, where people enjoy the outdoors also in tough rain and there is at each corner another cute store or coffee. In September I joined to capture the Surf & Yoga Week by Mooana in Cornwall. A week of surf,

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Are you looking for a photographer to capture the soul of your sports activity, event or want to have the perfect moment captured? Need some photos for your marketing or to decorate your place? I’m happy to hear from you!