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I’m Karo Krassel

I am photographer, graphic designer, adventurer, visionary, surfer, climber and general outdoor head. Spending as much time as I can outdoors fuels my energy and inspiration. And surfing the waves, climbing the cliffs or biking through the countryside on a regular basis is a need, makes me feel alive and I find it the cure for anything.

I’ve never fit into a specific box and I enjoy the freedom to express my entire self. I’m multi-passionate. I’m passionate about great design, authentic branding, emotional photos, creating all kind of things, working with my hands, helping others to grow, finding solutions and ideas, learning new things, etc. I enjoy doing everyday something else, changing focus, exploring different ways, lives, ,…
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As for projects … I currently focus mostly on my photography, visual branding for small passionate businesses and my brand mareterra.

I firmly believe that we have to take responsibility for our lives, our surroundings and the world. Little by little, we can do a lot.

My story

I grew up in Vienna and was lucky enough to be brought up in a family that valued nature and the outdoors. Every holiday we would be somewhere doing different sports or be in the mountains on ski trainings. My weekends as a teenager weren’t spent partying but enjoying the mountains and participating in competitions. I started surfing on my backpacking-travels through Australia. And soon my snowy winters got exchanged to southern waves. I’ve lived in Morocco and Southern Spain, travelled along the coasts with my van and now live in the beautiful, wild West-Algarve. Traveling and living abroad has shaped me in the way i live and perceive the world.

I’ve always trusted in life and finding my way, following the flow and walking through life with open eyes. Possibilities and directions came up and i took them – and so far that has worked perfect.

I enjoy seeing the world with open eyes. Watching it and focussing on little things, moments and emotions. Explore what’s around me. Capture the beauty of this life, this world. I enjoy being outdoors. Being part of the world around me. Showing people feelings and emotions through my pictures. I want to inspire.

Most of my work focuses on the natural aspects of surfing and coastal environments.  I’m passionate about blending travel and sports as part of the same story. My imagery doesn’t focus on the biggest air, the deepest barrel or the hardest cut back. Instead, I focus on the alternative lifestyle and the people who inspire me to stay young at heart and to live a simple, grounded life.

I love catching the perfect moment – whether it’s the most beautiful smile, the surfer dancing with the waves, the kids having fun while playing on the beach. I enjoy capturing situations which are around me, using available light and finding the perfect angle (and that could be climbing up some hill and hiding behind bushes to have the perfect angle, background and foreground for that one pic)

I hope to reflect a sense of happiness and freedom in the eye of the person viewing my artI want him/her to feel excited and forget where he/she is for a second. Pull him/her all into that moment.

Creativity is the way
I share my soul with the world

― brene brown ―

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