Beekeeping & initiating change

There is so much terrible stuff happening in the world. Happening around us. Far and close. Amazing animal species are dying out, nature is getting destroyed not only by plastic and oil, whales are found dead with their stomachs full of rubbish, families are loosing their homes through bombs, children are dying in wars. Humans and nature are suffering.
Money and power are ruling the world. And destroying it.

If you see the images, hear the news, research informations, it’s just sad and bad news. You feel helpless, you feel small, you feel without any power to change anything and feel like giving up.

But our greatest power is right inside us. It’s our heart. It’s staying positive, keeping our hearts and minds open, spreading love into the world and to the ones around us, it’s acting out of love. Fight for what we believe in. And do what can do to make the world a better place. Each small gesture, small project, small action is helping and initiating change.

There is a Tanzanian proverb saying „Little by little, a little becomes a lot“. I love that quote, it’s so true and we should keep it in mind when we feel lost and small.

We can pick up rubbish at the beaches, buy locally at markets, help the person next to us, take care of how we interact with other people and the environment, being mindful how we use resources, what we buy, what we use,…. There are a millions of ways how we can do our little (or bigger) part to it.

I see the world around me moving, changing and raising their voice to fight for the good. It’s beautiful to see people taking action, initiating projects and inspiring change also in others.

Like Nicolau, a Portuguese fisherman, a wild heart, not so easy to be defined with his many passions, his immense knowledge and love to learn more, and with his inspiring energy.

Nicolau wants change, wants to be the change. He set sails towards doing his part to make the world a better place with saving the bees from extinction. And so to save our foods, other animals and the planet. (And this iso only one of his projects and steps to do so.)

Since 4 years he follows his passion of a beekeeper, building all kind of different hives himself, gathering knowledge from books, the internet and other people, growing and learning with every step he does. He aims to „respect and help the bees whatever the way as long as it is beneficial for the bees and their environment“. On his way he questions himself if interacting and perhaps disturbing the bees is the right thing to do.
Nobody will be able to answer this really, the only thing we know right now is that we have to do something to change the world, that we have to try, to be active, and do our steps even if we don’t know if they are perfect.

Thanks to Nicolau and all the other amazing people out there doing their small and big part and initiating change!!
Ask yourself, what can you do today and all the following days to help the world be a better place? To act out of love to the people and the world? To contribute to a change?

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I had the pleasure to photograph Nicolau while he was transferring a catched swarm into a newly build hive: