Cornwall with Mooana

Incredibly green and beautiful landscapes, grey skies with glimpses of smiles by the sun, where people enjoy the outdoors also in tough rain and there is at each corner another cute store or coffee shop.

In September I joined to capture the Surf & Yoga Week by Mooana in Cornwall. A week of surf, yoga, skating, meeting new people, lots of laugher and fun. And specially for me a week of thousands of pics :), testing my new 6/4 wetsuit for shooting (felt so nice to be really warm) and having hard times deciding between camera or board 🙂 

After the month of August in my van where I was most of the time alone, it’s been quite a contrast to be with lots of people all day long. Instead of driving, exploring by myself and deciding every moment what to do in the next, it meant sitting and enjoying in the back of the car getting driven around, being able to watch the landscape flying by, getting dropped off at the right beach to surf and getting shown around the best places. 

The landscape reminded me lots of Galicia. Green, rough, wild. Stunning.
What I really loved about Cornwall (and which feels very different to where I live), were all these cute coffee shops and lunch places and stroes – each of them full of soul. Where every little detail is done with love. Signs hand-lettered. Creative, healthy and delicious food options. Handpicked and thoughtful decorations. 

Mooana – Surf, Soul, WellbeeingMooana on Instagram

Yoga with Lauren, Lauren on Instagram

Mount Hawke Skatepark – an amazing indoor skatepark!