Lamination Magic

“You go in the corner over there”, Jose sends me off to be out of the way. Laminating a board needs to go fast. And it needs his full concentration. As soon as the hardener is mixed into the resin, there are only a few minutes left to finish the job. And Jose likes to have it finished – with perfection.

Today he laminates one side of the board, the other one will be done tomorrow. Step by step. A piece of foam made into a ridable magical thing.  And probably even a beautiful piece of art. Even if Jose doesn’t like to be called an Artist, he really does magic. Jose likes to play with colours, to try new techniques, to create something special.

Well, I didn’t stay in the corner, otherwise the photos would have come out pretty boring.

One of the boards which got laminated is my new longboard. I’m super excited to try it out in the future. It’s my first time getting a board made specially for me.  Thanks so much Uwe (the Shaper) and Jose !!


Find Jose and his work at and

Find Uwe Kluba, the shaper, and his amazing boards at