Lindsay Steinriede, Longboard Pro Gaia, LQS, Photo by Karo Krassel

Longboard Pro Tour

Last weekend the Longboard Pro Tour stopped at the Atlantic Surf Fest in Gaia, Porto.

During the two days of the competition, both women and men were showing beautiful performances in changing and challenging surf conditions. The winners were Chloé Calmon (BRA) and Emilien Fleury. Find details on the WQS Event Page.

I’ve been taking water photos for a while now, but for me it was the first time shooting in the water at a World Tour Event. Well. Actually it was the first time ever shooting in the water during any competition.

It was super exciting and,… I was seriously nervous. After getting a small introduction by Rob (European Tour Boss) on how to act in the water and to stay out of the way of the pros – it was time! And in I went!
I hopped into the water at the start of the Women’s quarter finals. My heart was beating nervously fast on the way out to the line up. I tried to relax my breathing while paddling and calmly holding my breath but at the duck dives, it didn’t work out that well and I had to gasp for air a few times. I still had a big swim ahead to the other side of the peak too. I started the swim, passing by the girls sitting and waiting for waves, trying not to disturb them in any way.

Finally sitting at the right spot, I slowly started to feel confident as I took the first shots. I looked around and felt so happy to be there with these surfers competing at such a high level and seeing these amazing performances just beyond my lens.

Four rounds, and lots of dives and swims because of the shifting peaks later, I was exhausted and my fingers were so cold that I could barely use the shutter. I had already started to use my chin for other adjustments on the camera.

I really enjoyed my time out there and I loved being in the middle of it all – so exhilarating!

I know already what I’m going to do different next time – it’s always a learning experience and I enjoy growing and improving.

After the event they told me I could have gone in at the Finals as well.
Ahhjj, how amazing would it have been to be in the water at the finals. Autch. Well. Next time, I hope 🙂

Here are some of the watershots, as well as photos from the Finals and the first rounds from the beach. Hope you like them! 🙂