Morocco – Better together

Most of my travels I did alone. I met amazing souls on the way, spent time with them, even travelled with them for a while, but then said good by and went my own way again. It’s been a long time that I’ve travelled with a group.

In February I went to Morocco with 5 friends. For two and half weeks we decided each next step together, all next surfs, when to get up the following morning, where to drive, where to eat, and so on. Some of the decisions only needed moments and some of them were long discussions 😉

When you spend day in day out together, it’s intense and you get to know each other in another way. Visiting a very different culture, getting lost in unknown areas, sharing a room and then feeling sick from food or water, makes it all an even more intense experience. You see moods, reactions, faces on people you haven’t seen so far and perhaps didn’t expect. You experience the great ones, the good sides and the not so good ones.

But all the experiences you share connect you with each other. After a while you will only remember the good things. All the fun times and laughs we had together, the beautiful surfs, the fun days of travelling and exploring, watching the sunset from the balcony, having our „spot“ where we always sat together, the early mornings when you look at your “bed neighbour” and see if we get up or not. All the moments of joy, happiness and magic you only have when travelling with friends.

Thanks meninos for a lovely time!
So, where do we go next? 🙂