Van travel – Unicorns & Dragons

Robin Is heavy breathing next to me on the bed while I’m writing that text. The last hour she has been digging holes near the van and had her head most of the time underground. There is definitely more than a dog inside her. Perhaps an ostrich, sometimes a bat. She loves to be upside down 🙂

Robin is one of my dogs. Charly is the other. And my van has no name. We “four” are on a trip up north. In Galicia. Right now in Soeste. I’m sitting with open doors in the van, here I can only listen to the waves, at most of my parkings I even have sea view.

It’s peaceful, quiet, relaxing. But just because I’m only going to places where it is so and running away if it’s getting too full. Some days ago I’ve been in Nemiña. A pictures place with super fun waves. I thought I would stay there for a week or so, but somehow my heart told me to move, to go further north and it was getting busy. So I packed up my stuff and just drove. Like always when im on exploring tours I end up at some off-roads and one-ways and have to drive backwards out again. I love exploring new places. Finding new ways. Once a while I’m only hoping I will be able to get out of there again, but until now it always ended well.  🙂

Sometimes I look at maps, sometimes I just follow my nose. On that day I combined both. I actually planned to go a bit further up, but then passed by at this turn down to the sea and it just looked really inviting, so I followed it. I ended up at this small bay, in an amazingly beautiful surrounding. Just one camper was parked there. A few cows around it. I directly got welcomed by the farmer with a big smile and a lot of stories.

I had one of the most magical surfs there I ever had in my life. The waves were not amazing but fun, the place – just so beautiful, the water – crystal clear, …and I was – all alone.
I was sitting on my longboard and laughing, turning around in all directions to watch and take in the beauty surrounding me.
It was so magical that I was expecting some Unicorns would fly by any moment.

The following day I did a hike up the hill and watched all that beauty from the top. I love to surf, but to me travelling (even for surfing) is more than that. I want to see and experience places, not just be pushed and lead nervously by chasing the next surf, but enjoy the moment, enjoy places by exploring and hiking, walking around with open eyes, seeing details and patterns, meeting people and taking time to get to know them, and taking time to explore myself further, going deeper.

When I packed up my stuff to leave my found paradise the farmer came by again, we talked a while and then he asked me if he can have a kiss for good bye. I pulled to the side when he was about to kiss me on my mouth to give him a kiss on his cheek 🙂

Travelling opens up the mind and opens the heart and gives me so much inspiration. I’ve met so far really beautiful people, and some true soul connections. I love how we are all a big family. Helping each other out if someone needs something, talking deep stuff even you don’t know each other well, inviting each other for food and offering what you have. There Is no superficial playing, no boarders, no bad thoughts, just sharing moments and passions and connecting.

I know, travelling always sounds super dreamy and fun, and often enough it is like that. But definitely not always. It can be hard and rough from time to time. Annoying, tiring and exhausting. Even while writing about this I feel guilty to talk “bad”. I should be always happy – grateful – excited – to have all these experiences, to have the possibility to be on this trip.

Over Social Media and Co you only see the dreamy pics of travellers, their happy faces and read the amazing stories. But is that all of the story? Do people really share everything of it? How about the shitty times, the times when you can’t find a place to stay relaxed, when the police comes to chase you away or gives you a bill, when you are driving for hours through heat, to just arrive to a filled up place, get stocked in traffic and sweating your ass off, …

I love it if people are really authentic and talk their truth. Share what they really feel. It’s so refreshing. A while back I met this girl, I directly felt connected too. I was in a strange mood, had a long drive behind me, have done annoying organisational stuff in the city, was just totally out of energy. Tired to find nice places to stay. To follow a GPS which was jumpy and not certain at all. – Both of us started talking about our feelings very softly, kind of testing how the other would react. We were both in the same state of mood and exhaustion and shared that then openly with each other. I remember how both of us were so relieved to see that others feel the same and that’s ok to feel down once a while even at the most amazing place. 

It’s like with all in life, there are ups and downs. Also while travelling. We are experiencing Unicorns & Dragons. Feeling totally excited and then totally exhausted. Going high and low. Even the sea shows us that with its tides. It’s part of nature, it’s part of being human. And it’s ok to feel it, share it and talk about it. Because only like that we are truly us and sharing authentically.