Sri Lanka – Travel to unsettle

Im sitting in my van in the middle of the woods, watching the windmills turn in a distance, hearing birds sing to each other. It’s amazingly peaceful here.

Lots has changed since the begin of the year. Around me and inside me.

But let’s jump a few months back. Right to the begin of 2018. I finally wanted to go for a trip far away again. By then the last time I travelled far was 7 years ago. I still travelled – short distance flights and van travels.

But far and long it felt not possible to me. Leaving my dogs so long alone, finding someone to take care of them for that time, leaving the place and work. When I write that now it seems so stupid and a bit embarrassing.

Sure, its been easily manageable. I planned to go for 3 weeks (same reasons) but changed my flight couple of times and stayed then finally 9 weeks. And it has been soooo good. The warm water. Surfing in bikini. Shooting in clear warm water. Super fun waves. Meeting lots of nice people. The beautiful places. The delicious food. The monkeys. The jungle with its huge green leaves. So many amazing moments.

Besides that it was an incredible trip – it did move me inside. Unsettled me.

That’s one of the wonderful things travelling does – it unsettled you.  Lifts and shifts your mind. Frees you. It gives you new perspective. Lots of inspiration. Motivation. It takes you out of normality. Airs your head. Shifts you more into your heart and soul. In your head you see all these borders, the difficulties, what’s all not possible. The mind traps us easily. However, when you are travelling, our heart and soul takes over the mind. And we break free from our cages we built for ourselves.

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”


When I came back from Sri Lanka was so ready for a change. Work wise, living wise, ready to make decisions, make moves. Full of energy.

But somehow life took over again and I fell back to being comfortable and settled. The apartment I lived in which I truly wanted to get out of for many very good reasons felt somehow ok again. It was easier to keep staying in something that felt wrong than seeing other possibilities. My mind was back taking over and told me how it’s not possible to find something else, that i’m lucky to have a place to stay, etc. Same with work. I kept doing some jobs which felt not truly from my heart.

Well but then in June the universe gave me a big kick in my ass.

I think it was a mixture of stuff. Turning 35, which I heard is a big check up point if you live aligned with your heart. Actually wanting to do changes before. I even wrote down in that time…..I’m so ready for a change. The shifts of energy going on in the world.

Anyway. My landlord told me to move out of the apartment where I have lived nearly 7 years. In high season. First it was a bit of a shock and my mind was going nuts.

But actually I now think it was one of the best things that could happen to me. Shifting my settlement to being free. Pushing me to make changes.

For now I’m living in a van. I got a 1986 camper converted ford van. An oldie but its perfect for now having my own space and being flexible.

Some days ago i gave up my last ongoing client i did regularly graphic stuff for as I really didn’t like this kind of work anymore.

I don’t know yet where all this brings me too. What I’m going to do exactly. I just know I want to follow my heart more. Listen to what it says. Make it tune up and tune down my mind. It’s a work in progress haha. I want to do what lights me up. And I’m trusting that the right things will come along.

In a few days I fly to Argentina, exploring the northern part. Not seeing the sea, no surfing. Doing and seeing totally something different. Why? …Why not!

I share all this about me with you because I want to inspire you: to get going, to go on adventures and explore, to just book a flight to somewhere and experience something new. Coming back with a full heart, with ideas and inspirations, unsettled. To not hold back but see options, finding ways to make it happen.

To live life not after your fears and cages your mind make up but following your heart which is full of love, ideas, creativity and shows you a path of possibilities.

”Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Mark Twain

More photos are coming in the next post… keep tuned 🙂

Thanks for watching!