As for the moment big travels are not much of a possibility, let’s travel in our mind πŸ™‚

I have been to the north of Argentina in Summer 2018 and since haven’t gone over the photos. What a joy to see and feel again the impressions of this beautiful country.

A country full of colors, full of diversity, amazing landscapes that change very strongly if you drive along, super friendly and smily people.

A travel full of explorations, hiking, driving many kilometres, doing a lot of height-differences, getting super sick of the hight (but recovering the next day and still be able to keep on going further), driving and walking to places far off the main ways, barely coming back to a town where we were able fill up the tank (4 liters were left), great food, eating too much meat (impossible to be vegetarian there – there mostly aren’t any dishes, even the ones which you think are veggie are having some meat in it).

4 weeks filled with a huge diversity of natures beauty – Sanddunes, Green Flora, Wineyards, Saltlakes, Rough rocky scapes, icy rivers, lakes, rocks, huge waterfalls, snowy mountaintops, and other landscapes which for now I can only describe with photos πŸ™‚

Iguazu Falls

and Parque das Aves

Ibera Wetlands

Esteros del IberΓ‘, Parque Nacional


Flight over to Salta, exploring the city and then renting a car and going on quit a tour …

Salta – the city which takes care of it’s streetdogs. They all wear a blanket to keep warm and once a year they get blessed with holy water in a church and given a red ribbon collar.

Salta to Cachi

with Quebrada del Escoipe, Cuesta del Obispo, Tin Tin Valley

Cachi to Cafayate

with Hiking to a Lake in “nowhere”, Monumento Natural Angastaco, Quebrada de las Flechas, Valles Clachaquies

Thanks for watching so far! I am happy you made it hereΒ  πŸ™‚

The travel goes on ...

Cafayate > Tafi > Salta > Purmamarca > Salinas Grandes > Tolar Grande > Salta & Buenos Aires

Part 2 coming soon…